Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Recap and Menu Plan Monday

We've had a busy past 4 days. Thursday night we went to a local corn maze with Brendan's scout den. It was fun. Brendan and his "buddy" and some of the other scouts ran on ahead and we never saw him again until he found his way out much later. Here are a few pics (it was dark, so I couldn't get any good ones):

(Adam and Joe in the corn maze)

(Brendan at the exit of the corn maze- he made it out!)

What was actually really cool, was not so much the corn maze itself, but inside the barn they have a 3-story elaborate gumball "roller coaster" along the front wall and rafters. You put 25 cents in the gumball machine, and when the gumball comes out it is taken up to the peak of the barn and then down a series of tracks and wheels and such to the bottom where you pull a chain to get your gumball. This "gumball coaster" as they call it, is a hand made structure. It is very cool.

(watching the gumball rollercoaster in action)

On Friday, Brendan's school only had a half-day, so I took off work early. Joe actually had to work late, so the boys and I had our Friday-night pizza and watched the movie "Ernest Scared Stupid". The boys are into stupid humor, and since it is close to Halloween I thought they might like this one. Parts of the movie scared them to death, and other parts they were laughing so hard I thought they'd pee their pants. lol

Saturday I had to work a few hours, and then I went by the library for their children's book sale. Hard back books were 50 cents, and paperbacks were 25 cents. I found several chapter books for Brendan, including 4 Goosebumps ones, which he loves. All in all I came home with 14 books for only $3.50!!! What a deal!

Sunday we took the boys to a free showing of Space Chimps at one of the local movie theaters. They liked it, and Joe and I actually thought it wasn't too bad considering how horrible we'd heard it was from others. The rest of the day we tried to be productive at home. Joe worked on the mudroom floor, and I dove into the huge mess in the basement (the part that we are turning into the kids' playroom). What a job! I did make good progress though, and really put a dent in the cluttered mess. Still not even close to being done, but getting there much faster than I thought I would. I'm taking pictures along the way, so you can expect some extremely embarrasing photos of our mess before too long. lol

Now on to Menu Plan Monday:

Monday: Creamy noodle/veggie/mushroom dish

Tuesday: On your own, I have to work extra

Wednesday: Sloppy Joes

Thursday: Pizza (normally on Fri, but not this week)

Friday: Family bonfire party for the boys at our house (roasting hotdogs, making s'mores, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, etc)

Saturday: Pork loin?

Sunday: Beef Stew in the crockpot


Peggy said...

I love Fall fun! I don't think we will be going to a pumpkin patch or anything fun this year:(
FREE showing of Space Chimps?! Zach would do cart wheels! He loves monkeys and really wanted to see that movie!

Creamy noodle veggie mushroom dish sounds yummy!! Am I hungry AGAIN? Sheesh!

Nancy said...

Sounds like you've found time for fun. I'd love to see the gumball coaster; what a cool invention. And a free movie? What luck!

Your week's menu sounds yummy. I think the hotdog roast and s'mores sound like a great idea!