Saturday, December 24, 2005

Baby Jesus

We've been trying to tell Brendan (our 5-yr-old) about the real Christmas story, and every few days reminding him that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus's birthday and we've read him a few stories about it all, tried to explain the manger scene, etc. So now everytime we pass a manger scene he says, "look Mommy it's baby Jesus in there" This morning we had this conversation...

B: Mommy is it Christmas yet?
Me: Almost! Today is Christmas eve
B: Today is Christmas?!
Me: No, tomorrow is Christmas, today is Christmas eve, that means the day before Christmas
B: Oh. So tomorrow is Baby Jesus's birthday party?
Me: Yes, Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus's birthday. Do you think we should make a cake?
B: Oh yes! And then we can take it to Baby Jesus's birthday party tomorrow!
Me: (trying not to laugh) We can make a cake to celebrate Jesus's birthday here.
B: But when will we see Baby Jesus? I want to see him. to answer that question? lol Luckily he was just then distracted by "Postcards from Buster" on tv and forgot his question. Have to admit, I was stumped for a quick and clever way to answer that one! lol

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