Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Feeling better

Why do saltines and Sprite taste so good when you're sick? lol I don't especially like either of those any other time, but man did they taste good yesterday while I was sacked out on the couch all day! I'm so happy to report that I'm feeling much better today! Thank goodness it was a short-lived virus (or whatever it was). So I'm back at work today.

Adam has really been blossoming (for lack of a better word) this last week or so. He is getting better and better at walking, faster smoother steps now (instead of one step, then stop, then another step, then stop). He is also doing very well eating with a spoon by himself. He does more dipping in the spoon rather than scooping up the food, but he has definitely gotten the hang of the concept, and likes to feed himself (yes! more independence eventually= easier time for mommy! lol) He has also been trying harder to say more words than just mama, dada, hi, no, and uh oh. He's been saying cheese, feet, and he attempts to say several other things. He loves our cat. We keep him outside most of the time, but the last few days we've been letting him in for short periods of time so he can "warm up", and Adam just goes nuts when he sees the cat. He'll squeal really loud, bounce up and down, and giggle. And he'll follow the cat around saying "hi". It's so cute.

Well, I gotta run out with my co-worker to pick up some stuff from another facility, so I need to end for now.

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Carolyn F said...

I can just picture him following the cat around -- you need to scrapbook that!