Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Saying Goodbye to our Awesome Babysitter :(

Last night was a mixed bag. For our date night we started at a local bar & grill and pigged out on hot wings and a pitcher of beer. Unfortunately it was really crowded with college students though. Guess we should have known better than to go there on finals week huh? Oh well, I felt kinda old in there, but we still enjoyed ourselves. Then we headed to the mall. I had the hardest time even finding anything I wanted to try on! I'm so shopping impaired. lol I need a fashion expert to show me what would look good on me. Where's Sam when you need him?! (Extreme Makeover fashion guy). I did find a pair of brown pants on sale for $9.99 and a silky button down shirt for $7.70. That was it! After 4 different stores, that's all we bought. And the shirt and pants don't even go together, so not even a complete outfit! LOL *sigh*

It was kinda sad when we got home, because we had to say goodbye to our babysitter. That was the last time she will be babysitting for us :( She graduates from college this week, and is moving. I am so bummed out, especially for Brendan's sake because he absolutely LOVES her!!! He always cries when she leaves, but usually he can be consoled by telling him she will be coming back again. This time, she won't be coming back. We did give her a little gift and a Christmas card with the boys' pictures in it. Brendan made her a snowman ornament. And we took a picture of her with the boys. When I get the pictures developed I will put one in a frame in Brendan's room for him. Luckily her friend will be taking over as our babysitter, so I can at least introduce her to Brendan as "Mary's friend". He'll like that much better than just some random stranger.

Actually, Mary was also one of my part-time employees at work, so I need to hire someone to replace her at work too! I will miss her. She's a great employee and a wonderful babysitter!

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