Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Favorite Things...

Okay, if you watch Oprah then you know about her famous "Oprah's Favorite Things" show she does each year of things she owns that she loves, and gives everyone in her audience that day everything on her list. (See Oprah's 2005 list here) On a group I'm on we did our own "favorites" list, so I thought I'd share mine here, just for fun.

I'm sure I'll think of things later that I should have put on here, but here's mine...

"Courtney's Favorite Things"
(in no particular order)

I tried to post pics of all of these, but it screwed up the layout of the whole blog so I'm trying it now just as a list without the pics.

1. Canon Rebel EOS GII camera
(love my Rebel)

2. My black leather jacket!

(oh my gosh, this is so yummy! My mom's bf sends a box to us every year in December and it is the best! It tastes so much better than what it sounds like. lol)

4. Black and Decker EHC650 Ergo 3-cup Food Chopper
(love this thing! So quick, quiet, and easy to clean!)

5. Pond's Cool Calm and Perfected Pore Shrinking Gel Toner
(cool calming effect feels great to make me feel refreshed in the mornings!)

6. Stacking Recycling/Storage bins w/ angled front with flip lid from The Container Store
(love that you can still open lids while they are stacked)

7. Snack & Dip container from The Container Store
(great convenience for bringing veggies & dip in my lunch)

8. Oxo Good Grips 3-quart Mixing Bowl (or any Oxo products for that matter)

9. Matfer Exopat Nonstick Baking Sheet
(this is great so your cookies/rolls/whatever don't burn on thebottom!)

10. Creative Memories scrapbook albums

11. George Foreman Champ Grill with Bun Warmer
(great for a quick hamburger fix)

12. Whitney Design 3-pack Magic Storage Cubes
(love that these can fold flat when not in use! I use these as laundry baskets now, because I was so fed up with bulky laundry baskets laying around with nowhere to store them. These fold flat and slide in behind our hamper out of sight!)

13. Mary Kay bronze eyeliner

14. Tastefully Simple: Nana's Apple Cake, Absolutely Almond PoundCake, and Cheesy Pepper soup...to name a few!(fast, easy and yummy)

15. Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar body lotion
(Normally I don't like too many scented things, they give me a headache, but I do love this particular scent of body lotion)

16. Ray Lynch: Deep Breakfast cd
(kinda new-age type music, but nice and relaxing and kinda funky all rolled into one! Hard to explain. lol)

17. Collin Raye: I Think About You cd and Collin Raye: In This Life cd
(I love Collin Raye! Awesome songs with great lyrics. He was never a huge star, but he should have been...best kept secret in country music!)

18. Kelly Clarkson: Breakaway cd
(Yes, I've become a fan of Kelly Clarkson this year. Love the first 5 songs on this cd)

19. And of course I can always go for a cold Bud Light beer!

Okay, now it's your turn! I challenge anyone reading this to come up with a "favorites" list of your own (if you want to and if you have time).

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Carolyn F said...

I agree on #10 except I'm not fond of strap hinge anymore. If time permits I'll do this as well.