Friday, January 13, 2006

30th Birthday coming up...any ideas?

My 30th birthday is coming up in March. I'm hoping my husband is planning something, but I'm not counting too hard on it. He's so hit & miss with stuff like that. There have been many times that he didn't get me anything for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc. I *think* he will try to do something for my 30th, but I also want to have something in mind in case he asks what I want to do. I love camping and canoeing, but not in March! lol For his 30th a few years ago, I had a surprise party for him at a campsite on our favorite river. Most of his friends and both of our families came, we had lots of food, drinks, campfire & drinking & such at night, etc. Then the next morning we went on a float trip (for those out of state that aren't familiar with that term, it means canoeing LOL). It was a lot of fun. But again, not so fun in March when it's still cold. So that won't work for mine.

Just curious, what some of you all did for your 30th? Or do you have any ideas? Maybe it will spark some ideas for me.


Uisce said...

My then-wife had a surprise birthday party for my 30th and I hate surprises. Luckily I found out about it ahead of time and in fact I had to leave in the middle to catch a plane! I didn't like turning 30 at all. 40, now there's another story. I loved turning 40, and now I'm 41 and I love that, too! So go figure!

FrogLegs said...

Well, I remember your DH's birthday-- that was a great turn out! I guess it depends on whether you want a private thing, or a family thing. Private thing- Go to a B&B, catch a show, dinner, and escape for a weekend together. Family thing- Plan a mountain "adventure." Camping is still fun with snow on the ground! Or rent a cabin, large enough for everyone- and do what you did before- but no floating, LOL! Whatever it is, you'll have fun!

Ginger said...

Hubs threw me a surprise party when I turned 30 .. we had a blast. My Bday is in march too, St. Patrick's Day.. we drank lots of green beer and all party attendants brought green gifts!

Happy Birthday, enjoy your 30th (i'll be 36! Wow!! )

Courtney said...

Thanks for the comments & ideas!