Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New child care

Well, Adam officially started at the home care babysitter this week. He was going to a daycare center (the same one Brendan goes to) but we decided to move him, for a few reasons. First of all, the money! Gosh daycare is expensive! We will now be spending $340 less per month!!! Yippee!!! The other reason is location. We are on the complete opposite side of town from the daycare. (we moved a couple years ago, but kept bringing Brendan to the same daycare anyway). We're still going to keep Brendan at the daycare, since he is established with friends there and at his age I want him in that learning environment of preschool. And, he only has about 6 months until he starts Kindergarten anyway.

So, anyway, Adam did good at the new place yesterday! The lady said he is going to fit in just fine there. One of the older kids there said Adam played with the same musical car toy the entire day! LOL Joe dropped him off today, and said he had a harder time. Adam cried when Joe left today. But that's to be expected for the first several days. I can't wait to find out how he did the rest of the day when I pick him up tonight.

I must say, I am already liking the fact that I no longer have to take both boys to and from daycare every morning! With the location of Adam's new place, it makes more sense for Joe to take Adam, and I will continue to take Brendan until he starts Kindergarten. The noise level has lowered significantly in my suv in the mornings! lol Not that Adam is loud, but usually Brendan is much louder when Adam is in the car than when it's just him. I could get used to this!


FrogLegs said...

Yay on less noise! Always a good thing- nicer mornings! I'm sure it will be wonderful for Adam- and saving $$$$ is wonderful in itself!

Holly said...

Yeah, I hear you on the noise level. Either one of my boys are so easy to be around individually. But put them together? Oy.

We use a center too. I would love to save the money and use an in-home caregiver... but now that Bean is 2.5, he will start the preschool program in 6 months, and we might as well just leave him there, because I like the program. And Bug is in the same situation as Brendan. But I totally wish we could save the money like you - dang those centers aren't cheap!!