Friday, January 13, 2006

Colorado a no-go, Mom, and Looking Forward to Monday

Well, sounds like the whole Colorado thing isn't going to happen. Would have been nice, but Joe's boss has pretty much decided he isn't going to send Joe for the training. Oh well.

My mom is home from the hospital after having her knee replacement surgery. She sounded good on the phone! Sounds like things are going okay so far. My grandma & step grandfather have been staying with her all week to help her get around. I'll be going there on Saturday afternoon and staying with her until Sunday evening.

I'm looking forward to Monday. We get off work for Martin Luther King Jr day, and daycare is open. I have so much I need to do around the house, I'm hoping to be able to be very productive with those precious few hours without the boys there.

Well, I'm feeling kinda blah and boring today, so I'll end for now. lol

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monica said...

Awww I'm glad you're mom is okay!