Monday, January 23, 2006

Better weekend

As far as I know, my husband doesn't read my blog, I've never really told him where to find it. But sometimes I think maybe he found it on his own and reads it? After that frustrated message I posted on Friday, he was a lot better, and suddenly was helping more all weekend. Hmmm...maybe he does read my blog! LOL Anyway, he *did* do much better, even grabbed my plate after dinner and put it in the dishwasher, did the trash (and yes got my tire taken care of & the new one put on my suv). And together we worked on clearing some stuff out of the basement and setting it up to where we can use our treadmill, exercise machine, and recumbent bicycle easier. I suggested this, as it would be nice if we could exercise together at home instead of us trying to figure out a way to do it somewhere else separately. I had been getting up at 5am to exercise by myself for a long time, but lately that hasn't been working out very well. So, if we can both do it together, that will not only help make it easier to exercise, but will also give us some more time actually doing something together each evening after Adam goes to sleep, and while Brendan plays in his room. Getting healthier again while spending couple time together...sounds like a win-win situation to me!


monica said...

Oh I'm so happy! If hubby's reading, GREAT JOB. Sometimes the men folk need a reminder. Mine is a doll, as I'm sure yours is, and he needs reminders. Then he's more than happy to help. So fun.

We are doing the same. We are tyring to move in a few months BUT we're sort of stuck in our small pad. But decided we no lnoger care and are buying an eliptical machiene and weights to do the same. We cant afford the gym right now BUT we can do that together. It's so hard to get there anyway with kids and home stuff...and you

Bone said...

This has nothing really to do with the post, but I had to look up "recumbent."

Learn something new everyday :-)

Carolyn F said...

Glad to hear things are better!

Kimmy said...

Good for you! (And hubby...if you are reading...way to go! It's so much better to take the initiative and help without being asked than to have an unhappy wife "nagging" to get your help. Way to take advice from others and run with it.) And if he's not reading really got your point across!