Tuesday, January 17, 2006

This past weekend

I visited my mom this weekend, to help her out where needed. I was really surprised at how well she is getting around after her knee surgery! She has to use a walker, but she really didn't need help with anything except making meals & cleaning up after them. Her physical therapist said she is ahead of schedule in her range of motion and such right now. That's great! I was really worried that with her having MS that she would recover slower. Thank goodness that doesn't seem to be the case.

Monday we looked at another home daycare to move Adam to, but we've decided to move him to the first one we looked at last week instead. She was so much more affordable, and both places seemed to have about the same type of "average day" for the kids. They both provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks. The more expensive one is in a better neighborhood, but the less expensive one isn't in a *bad* neighborhood. So, we figure we can save a lot more money by going with the first lady. In fact, by going to the first lady we will save $340 per month compared to what we've been paying for him at the daycare center he currently goes to! That's a big difference! And that money can go towards the addition we're hoping to add on to our house. That will help a lot!

Once again, I'm back in a "blah" mood, and can't think of anything exciting or fun to say.


monica said...

I'm glad you got to be with your mom.

Ugg. The perfect day care. I went through that for three years!

Good luck! Cheers :)

FrogLegs said...

Yay on the day care thing- I'm sure the $$$ can be well used for your additions! As for being in a blah mood, maybe it's the time o fyear- I'm in one too... Oh-- Let Adam be 7-- it will be good then, I've decided I love 7 yr olds!

Uisce said...

We had a great day care for the first two kids and then she moved away. Then we hired our favorite babysitter as a nanny, but boy was that expensive because we had to cover insurance. A good day care is a really lucky find!