Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you about HOW MY HUSBAND PROPOSED

We had been dating for awhile, and I got a "wild hair" that I wanted to go to Jamaica. One day at work (we worked together at the time) I asked him, "Hey, wanna go to Jamaica with me?" He said sure and laughed it off, not knowing I was serious. I did further planning, and he finally realized I was serious. My older sister got excited listening to the plans and we decided that she & her boyfriend should go too. So, we all 4 starting making plans. My parents decided they wanted to go too, so they offered to pay for me and my sister if we let them go too. LOL So, the 6 of us headed out for Jamaica a few months later (which was the summer I graduated from high school.) It was a blast! We stayed at the Jamaica Grande resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. All-inclusive, great food, fun activities, etc. We did a few things together, but a lot of the time we were by ourselves too. One night we went to a beach party the resort was having. Joe and I wandered off to sit by some rocks that were jutted out into the water. We sat there talking, and the sun started to go down. With a beautiful sunset over the water as a background, Joe suddenly turned to me, got on his knee, and proposed!

That was in 1994, but we didn't actually get married for another 3 years, in 1997. We always said we wanted to go back to Jamaica for either our 10-year or 15-year Anniversary. (With our 10-year anniversary being next year, I imagine it will probably be our 15-year Anniversary when we go back, since we'll be doing our home addition this fall and can't afford both so close together! lol)

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FrogLegs said...

Aww... what a pretty setting too!!

Uisce said...

that's so romantic! I'm linking you up!

monica said...

I love it!

Norma said...

Nice story and I hope you get to go back.