Monday, January 09, 2006

Tagged! 5 Weird Things About Me

I was tagged by Kdubs to reveal 5 weird things about myself...

(not sure if these are considered all that weird, but it's all that came to mind right now!)

1. I am a deodorant freak! I put on deodorant at least 5-7 times a kidding. I don't know why or when this "obsession" started, but it's just something I do. I put deodorant on right after my shower in the morning before I dry my hair, then put it on again when I get dressed, then sometimes again after I do all the other getting ready before I head out the door. Then I have deodorant I keep in my cabinet in my office at work, and I put it on at least once or twice during the day at work. Then when I get home, I sometimes put deodorant on again when I change into my comfy clothes for around the house. And then I also usually put it on one final time before climbing into bed for the night. LOL Crazy, I know, and I really don't know why I do that, I just do. I'm so afraid of having B.O. and don't trust the deodorant to work all day long, I guess!

2. I love real oranges, but can't stand orange juice or anything orange flavored.

3. I like to drive barefoot.

4. I don't like cheesecake, mayonaise, sour cream, cream cheese, ketchup, chocolate pudding or chocolate icecream. (things most people love! I don't think that's "weird", but I get lots of weird looks when I tell people I don't like these).

5. I'm a little bit non-stereotypical female: I don't like shopping, I don't even own a purse, I've never in my life had a manicure or pedicure, I'd rather drink beer than "girly" drinks, I did not have big dreams all my life of my wedding like people always say little girls do, diamonds are not my best friend nor is any jewelry (I have some basics in jewelry but I don't really care about having jewelry in general), I don't like the color pink or anything frilly, I would never go after a man for his money, I don't care about having all the latest trends, I refuse to buy overly expensive clothing or jewelry or anything material like that...there are so many other things I'd rather do with my money, I don't like to talk on the phone, I don't care what the celebrities are doing, I have no desire to go to big cities, Fancy restaurants do not interest me, I don't really like mushy romance books or movies, I don't need a lot of foreplay, and basically anything you hear someone say is "every woman's dream" does not apply to me. LOL

Tag you're it!


monica said...

LOLOL I'm still laughing at number five and I'm right with you on the first!

Cheers :)

Carolyn F said...


Running2Ks said...

Pretty interesting stuff. I wonder if the condiment dislike is a texture thing. Hmmm! Loved the answers