Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thursday Thirteen (trying this out for the 1st time!)

Thirteen Things about COURTNEY'S FAMILY LIFE

1. Joe and I met in 1992 at Ponderosa, where we both worked at the time (I was 16, Joe was 19).

2. At age 18 (1994) I convinced Joe to go to Jamaica with me, and he proposed to me while we were there one night at sunset.

3. We were married in 1997.

4. We had our first son in 2000 and our second son in 2004.

5. We now live in and own our 2nd house which is on 10 wooded acres. We regularly see deer during the day, and once in awhile hear coyotes at night.

6. We have 3 vehicles: I drive a Kia Sportage SUV, Joe drives a Kia Rio, and we have an old '85 Ford Pickup for those times when you just need a truck!

7. We have 1 cat named "Pippin", and our other cat disappeared several months ago.

8. We have an aquarium made up of fish, freshwater shrimp and use to be turtle, all from Missouri rivers...even the rocks and plants.

9. We lost 3 pets in 2005: A turtle, a green snake, and our other cat.

10. My husband and I both work full-time outside the home.

11. We like living out in the "boonies" away from busy city life.

12. We absolutely DO NOT plan on having any more kids. Two is plenty! lol

13. On our first date in 1992 we both agreed we were not looking for a long-term relationship...that was 14 years ago and we've been together ever since. LOL

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monica said...

Awww that was great!!!! :)

Be sure to add yourself to the blogroll and add your blog to her blog roll!! That wya you'll get traffic!


Karen said...

Heya! I'm a first timer to the Thursday Thirteen, too. You did a great job!

My 13 are up and running.

Chickadee said...

Happy Thursday 13. I hope you do this again! I love this meme.

I also live in St. Louie. Where do you live?

My 13 are up.

~Ivy said...

Great list! My house is surrounded by woods. Its actually a hunting club. Never know when a hog or deer will show up in my back yard..

My 13 are up..

Mama B said...

I did my first TT too. Wasn't it fun? I enjoyed reading yours. :)

Dana said...

Welcome to the club! I like this one...I may have to cheat off you next time...well, using my own info of course!