Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My brain is an un-organized mess!

I really need to re-organize myself. I have been so bad lately. At work I think about and remember everything I meant to and need to do at home. And then I get home, and suddenly remember everything I meant to and need to do at work. This has been a horrible circle of unorganization. It is driving me crazy. I guess I need to just carry around a master list at all times so that I remember when I'm at home what all I needed to do at home, and likewise at work. Ugh! Like for instance right now, I'm at home, came home early because my younger son was sick and daycare had me pick him up. And for the life of me, I *know* there were at least 3 things I thought of at work that I needed to do and thought, "I'll work on those when I get home". And you see where I am and what I'm doing...I'm sure blogging was not one of those 3 things! LOL Oh wait! I need to wrap a birthday present for one of Brendan's classmates for the party tomorrow...that was one of the things! The way my brain has been, I think I better go do that right now before I forget again and end up running around in a mad rush tomorrow morning trying to get out the door. As one of the blinkies on my blog says so well about me..."I used to have a handle on life, but it broke!" Amazing what having kids will do to you! LOL


Running2Ks said...

It's ok, you'll get it all done! HUGS!

monica said...

I've had a brain fart since my son was born! LOL!