Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Almost forgot...

Almost forgot to post my 5 things to be happy about today! So here goes...

5 Things to be Happy About Today
1. Enjoyed a yummy (& free) Thanksgiving meal at the boys' daycare
2. Brendan was so excited to see me and Joe when we ate lunch with him...always makes me feel good when he's happy to see me :)
3. It's sunny today (Even though it's turned cold, at least it isn't raining like yesterday!)
4. I finally got 3 boxes to the post office today that I've been needing to mail since last week!
5. I found out today that the Taekwon-Do class (which is in my area of supervision at work) made the front cover of our Department's book of winter activities & classes. (Usually they put a photo of parks, or aquatics, or something like that as the cover, and my recreation classes rarely make the cover photo, so that was a nice surprise).
Okay, gotta run- time to go home! Yea!

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