Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Holiday "tag"

Holiday tag from Carolyn's blog, here are my answers:

Do you celebrate Christmas? Yes
What are your favorite "holiday" colors? Red and green
Favorite Christmas song? "O Holy Night" and "The Gift" (by Collin Raye)
Favorite Christmas movie? I enjoy the funny ones :)
Favorite Christmas cartoon? "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and "The Year Without a Santa Claus"
Real tree or artificial? Real!
Special family traditions? We get our tree the Fri or Sat after Thanksgiving every year. We haven't really established very many other traditions yet that are "ours". We still have some lingering traditions from when I was growing up. And Joe and I actually talked about this the other day, and we're planning to carry on the tradition with our boys of having a birthday cake for "baby Jesus" on Christmas each year. This was something my grandma use to do and Joe's mom use to do sometimes, and we like the idea of the boys being aware and reminded that the day isn't all about them!
Travel or stay home? We go to my mom's about a week or so before Christmas, to my grandma's on Christmas eve, to see my dad, step-mom, and other grandma sometime around Christmas, and Christmas morning at our own house with our children. On the even years we celebrate with Joe's family on Christmas afternoon/evening, and on the odd years we celebrate with them whenever it works.
Does Santa wrap presents? He didn't when I was a kid, but he did wrap gifts in Santa paper for my kids last year. We're still trying to work that out as to whether he will or not from now on.
Do you do an advent calendar? no, but we probably should
Do you send Christmas cards? yes
Store bought or handmade? store bought
Christmas letter? Yes, but I only put it in the cards going to people far away or that we haven't seen frequently throughout the year.
Pictures? Sometimes
What do you put in stockings? small toys, candy, underwear, socks, crayons, stickers, etc
Typical holiday meal? nope!
Are you done shopping yet? nope Have you started? yep

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Carolyn F said...

I like the birthday cake idea-- we are hoping the more active involvement in church will help the kids get more into the true spirit of Christmas this year.