Friday, November 18, 2005

time is dragging on!

Oh my, this has been the loooongest day! Usually the work day flies it is dragging on and on and on. It is finally 4:30...I can leave soon. But ever since 2:00 I've been ready to leave. It's Friday. This weekend Joe will be hunting again during the days. Saturday night I will be going to the mom's group Mom's Night Out, so at least I will have a little time away. During the day on Saturday & Sunday I'm really hoping the boys are good. I have so much I want & need to get done around the house. I need to go through some stuff and get rid of stuff. It just never seems to happen, I can't seem to work it in. There is a girl on freecycle who left a bad situation and is starting over with basically nothing. She has a child and is pregnant with another. She needs everything. I have a bunch of baby clothes and items that Adam has outgrown that I'd like to give her...I just need the time to go through it and set stuff aside for her. Hopefully I can at least accomplish that this weekend.

Well, anyway, I don't really have much to say, just killing time til I can go home. No point in starting on anything on a Friday afternoon! So, time for my daily happiness report:

5 Things to Be Happy About Today
1. It's Friday
2. I'm making potato soup tonight- it's a recipe Joe & I both love
3. My cough seems to be finally going away (after 4 weeks)
4. I cleaned out and reorganized the instructor files in one of my filing cabinets at work
5. It's close enough to 5:00 that I can leave work now! Yea!
Have a great weekend!

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