Thursday, November 10, 2005

I think I thrive on change & new experiences

I've had bits and pieces of random thoughts & revelations these last few months, and one of the conclusions I've come to is...I think I thrive on change and new experiences. So many people fear change, but I think I crave it. I am pretty laid-back and quiet most of the time, and I got to thinking how I haven't really felt excited about much or felt passionate about anything much lately. And I know I use to. Thoughts of "maybe I'm depressed" passed through my mind several times this past year, but then an episode of Dr. Phil (or was it Oprah?) a lady was talking about her situation and she said her doctor told her, "you're not depressed, you're just bored!". This lady needed shocking excitement in her life to keep her happy. I laughed, because it kinda clicked inside me. No, I don't need "shocking" excitement, but when I think about the times I am the happiest, it seems to always be centered around times of change and/or new experiences. We have really fallen into the daily grind so much these last couple years, and I think I'm bored! In a way I can't believe the word BORED is even in my vocabulary right on one level I feel totally overwhelmed with the responsibilities of every day life, lol, but I think my soul is bored. Does that make sense? I need to be rejuvinated and experience new things and keep myself excited about life. I've actually been feeling pretty good (except for being sick) lately, and I think it's because I've been busy planning for both boys birthdays & party, which is something out of the ordinary daily grind, and with the holidays coming up, I'm starting to PLAN for upcoming things. I am a born dreamer & if I have something to plan for it keeps me (and my brain) entertained.

So, now, how to work new experiences and excitement in to my every day life? How to keep myself (& soul) excited and alive. I will be working on that. (see, that gives me something to PLAN! lol)

In the meantime, I think I'll start keeping a daily "5 Things to Be Happy About Today" list on my blog :) Corny? Maybe. But hey- it's my blog and I can do whatever I want, right? lol

So, here we go:

5 Things to Be Happy About Today
1. Brendan made his bed, got dressed, and fed the cat this morning (his 3 morning chores) without us having to yell.

2. I've already finished 14 of my employees timesheets, and they aren't due in until next Thursday.

3. Survivor is on tv tonight.

4. Tomorrow is Friday already.

5. It is not too hot or too cold today, it's cool like it should be for mid-November.

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Great thoughts!