Saturday, November 26, 2005

Our Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

Well, we had a nice Thanksgiving. We spent it with Joe's family this year at Joe's older sister's house. Lots of yummy food and we enjoyed visiting with the family. Joe's brother came back to our house Thanksgiving night, and has been here ever since. He's hunting in our woods all weekend. While he was out today, one of our neighbors who has property that backs up to ours was out training his dog, using a shotgun. He didn't know Joe's brother was out there, and he was really close to our property line...he accidentally peppered Dan with his shotgun spray! Luckily it wasn't bad, but Dan sure didn't expect to be SHOT while he was hunting! Geez!!!

We did get our Christmas tree Friday (see pics here of us decorating it). Today it was so nice outside! Low 60's in late November!!! Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer. I was outside in shorts and a t-shirt putting up our Christmas greenery, lights, & bows! LOL

The rest of the weekend it's pretty much just cleaning, cooking, laundry, and watching the boys. Then Monday I'm hostessing a Big Yellow Box party at my house after work. It's one of those home-business parties, I usually do not do those, but I had never heard of Big Yellow Box (by Crayola) parties, so I'm doing it out of curiosity & to help another lady on our moms' group who is the consultant. So, we shall see how it goes!

While I'm here, I'll do my happy stuff...

5 Things to be Happy About Today:
1. I love looking at our Christmas tree lights in the dark.
2. The greenery outside worked out perfectly in length, without me having to redo it over and over to get it right.
3. We enjoyed 2 meals using meat from Joe's deer today.
4. Adam went to bed without crying tonight.
5. Even though I've been off for 3 days, there's still 1 more day off for this holiday weekend!


scrapperbo said...

Great pictures Courtney! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!!

Carolyn F said...

WTG getting your tree up and starting your holiday spirit early!