Friday, November 11, 2005

We took time to stop and smell the...cows?!!! LOL

Sooo...I think I'm going to try to incorporate doing something a little out of the ordinary every day that I can, to keep things interesting and kinda fun. Not a big thing, just little tiny things that maybe I wouldn't have otherwise done. This morning, that was stopping along the way to daycare/work to take pictures of cows!!! LOL! I decided that my photo-a-day blog was getting a little too predictable with photos of my boys, so I wanted to shake it up a bit. Every day on my way to daycare/work we pass by fields of, I thought I'd take a quick pic of some of the cows we drive by every day. Heehee. Brendan thought it was really funny that Mommy stopped the car to take pictures of cows. Then he said, "Mommy don't forget to take pictures of all the birdies and snakes and snails too!" LOL If I didn't have the boys in the car, I would have ventured closer to the cows, but I didn't want to get far from the car, so they are not close ups of cows or anything like that, but they are cows! I will upload them tonight to my photo-a-day blog. And, we counted the properties that had cows, and wow I had no idea we passed by SIX different fields of cows every morning on our commute! If you had asked me yesterday, I would have guessed maybe 3. So, see there...I learned something today too! lol

I need to hurry this up and leave work, but before I go for today:

5 Things to Be Happy About Today
1. It's Friday, and I can leave my office in 5 minutes
2. I made Brendan smile this morning by taking pictures of cows
3. Brendan still loves playing with his Leapster that we bought him for his birthday
4. I treated myself to roast beef sandwich and yummy chicken & dumplings soup from Lion's Choice today for lunch.
5. I have 3 more Christmas gifts done, thanks to a few quick clicks on, including Joe's dad who is usually very hard to buy for!


Kathie said...

LOL! Loved this post. There's nothing wrong with taking pictures of things that you see, it just opens your eyes to everything else. Such as the birdies, snakes and snails that we take for granted. Thanks for letting me know you post, I'm adding you to my reads and look forward to checking in on you. :)

Carolyn F said...

Great idea, GREAT post!