Friday, November 04, 2005

Water problems, but a Fun Weekend Ahead!

Joe left on Tuesday morning to go out of town for work. Wednesday when I got home from work our water had been shut-off. Note said for non-payment, but I know I paid. My check registry showed I paid on 10/21. Their office was closed by the time I got home, so we had to do without water until the following day. Called their office, and was told they never received our check. Ugh! Since the check I wrote did not clear the bank, I had no proof that I did send payment. So we had to pay a $50 reconnect fee. So frustrating! We've never missed a payment before..never ever...doesn't seem right that they would just cut off our water the first time they don't get a payment, and without warning at that! So we're not too happy with them right now. And when I got home that night, our dishwasher had stuck somehow and was running all day without any water! The whole house was hot & humid from the heat of it. Thank goodness it seems to be running okay now that the water is back on, so hopefully it wasn't damaged.

Joe should be home sometime today. I think Brendan missed him a little more this time than usual. I know he'll be glad to see Daddy tonight. Tomorrow my mom is taking Brendan on an Amtrak train ride, and then to see the movie Chicken Little. He's also going to stay the night at her house (this was her idea! Yippee!). Then she'll bring him to his birthday party the next day. Yes, Sunday is the boys' party. Adam of course doesn't know the difference, but Brendan is very excited! I still haven't gotten an RSVP from most of the kids in his preschool class, so I'm not real sure how many kids to plan for. I hope I have enough goody bags made up. I still need to wrap presents, and figure out what decorations I want to do, and get stuff packed up & ready to take to the bowling alley. Cakes are ordered, just have to pick them up at noon on Sunday. I'm hoping all goes well, and everyone has fun.

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