Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Almost Thanksgiving already?!

Wow, Thanksgiving is in 2 days?! It's so hard to believe November is almost over. And then December...and then a new year again. This year we'll be with Joe's family at his older sister's house on Thanksgiving. I absolutely LOVE Joe's mom's stuffing...can't wait to eat it Thursday. I never even liked stuffing until I had hers. lol It will be interesting to see if Joe's niece shows up this year. She is Joe's older (adopted) brother's child, but she lived with Joe's parents for the first several years of her life, and then lived with Joe's older sister & her husband for many years...until this year. She was becoming really hard to deal with, didn't treat them with respect, wouldn't clean up after herself, etc, and she took off the day she turned 18 to live with her boyfriend. That was in August, so we'll see if she bothers to show up for Thanksgiving. For Brendan's sake, I hope she does. She use to really love Brendan and always play with him, and he loves her. I know he will ask where she is.

On Friday I am going to try really hard to not go anywhere! lol I hate crowds. I don't like shopping. Great sales or not...I do NOT want to be anywhere near the stores on Black Friday!

Saturday we will get our Christmas tree. Every year we go get our tree (real one) the weekend after Thanksgiving. Then we will decorate it that evening, while having snacks/drinks, and breaking out the Christmas music. It's our "kick off" to the Christmas season each year. Even though it doesn't feel like it's time for the holidays yet, I am looking forward to it. I just love to sit in the dark and look at the twinkle of little Christmas lights on the tree at night :)

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