Monday, November 07, 2005

Whew! Birthday Party is over!

Yesterday was Brendan & Adam's birthday party. It went pretty well overall. In addition to several family members (adults) we had 9 kids total bowling. They all were so cute. (Well, Brendan wasn't so cute when he got tired of bowling and threwa fit, but the rest of the kids were. lol) We were a little annoyed with the lack of instructions from the bowling alley though. We had to ask them every little step of the way what the procedure was and what we were supposed to do when, and such, I think if we hadn't asked, they would have let us just sit there doing nothing the whole time. They also apparently don't allow you to bring in any food or drink except cake, (but they didn't tell me that ahead of time). They provide the kids' meals w/ the party, but I had brought some soda and snacks for the adults, but they said we couldn't. So I felt terrible telling the adults I couldn't have anything for them but cake. We also had to wait a long time for the kids' food & drinks,which made us have to majorly rush through the food, cake, and presents at the end. So it was kinda hectic, but overall I think the kids all had fun. And Adam & Brendan had fun playing with all their new toys last night too. Unfortunately Brendan had a fever last night after it all, but he seemed okay this morning, so hopefully he's fine.

Tonight was supposed to be our date night for this month, but we decided to cancel. Between Brendan's fever last night, Adam's fever off & on, and the fact that Joe & I are so tired, AND the boys' presents from yesterday are strung all over the living room waiting to be put away...we decided to cancel the babysitter and stay home tonight.

Now we have Brendan's actual b-day on Wednesday, deer season starts Saturday, and then a very brief break before the holidays get in full swing.

I'm hoping to get all the Christmas shopping started & done before the end of November, but I'm sure that won't happen. It's nice to dream though. lol

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